The First News told about broadcast surgeries, performed by the best surgeons of Europe on November 28. They presented the photos how it all happened in the surgery room of Professor Puxeddu.


European Laryngological Live Surgery Broadcast is a significant event in laryngology which happens in November once a year. It is free broadcast of laryngological surgeries performed by the best of the best.


The tradition of Knowledge day about microtia started in the United States and now, November 9 is marked in calendars all around the world. All events on this day are dedicated to the spread of knowledge about the congenital defect.


There are only a few specialists in microtia-deformation (the pinna (external ear) is underdeveloped) – who are able to restore the hearing of patients together with the ear reconstruction. One of these doctors is Ashesh Bhumkar from Mumbai.


The main participants were families with children who were faced with congenital anomalies of the auditory canal. On this day, kids and their parents were introduced to new techniques and the most advanced technologies that help restore hearing and reconstruct the ear.


A high-tech operation will be presented at the conference to eliminate atresia of the auditory canal, hearing improvement and simultaneous plastics of the auricle from the costal cartilage and omnipore implant.