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Meeting with Dr. Ashesh Bhumkar in Dubai (UAE)

February, 15, 2019
The beginning of the year became a rush hour for Impex Life. Arranging the negotiations with surgeons was the paramount aim of our company. On the January, 20th we met with Dr. Ashesh Bhumkar to approve the schedule for all upcoming conferences and operations in the year 2019.
Dr. Ashesh Bhumkar is a highly experienced specialist in the restoring of hearing. For example, according to his method, reconstruction of the ear canal and the external ear could be performed in a single surgical stage. During 30-year practice Dr. Bhumkar helped thousands people to gain the hearing.

CEO of Impex Life Vitaly Hiznicenco met with Dr. Bhumkar in Dubai on the January, 20. They considered the schedule of the consultations and conferences in Moscow Dr. Bhumkar will attend at. We have to admit that to Impex Life the meeting in Dubai was extremely important, because the bedrock of our strategy is creating a trust relationship with surgeons across the World. That's why we may organize international medical teams which perform the most complicated surgeries.
From left to right: Dr. Ashesh Bhumkar, Vitaly Hiznicenco, Dr. Gayatri S Pandit
Despite the fact that Impex Life is a relatively young company, 34 surgeries have been successfully accomplished under our guidance. Moreover, we've organized a few conferences on the ontology in Moscow (Russia) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). The last one to date took place on the November, 1st, 2018 in the conference hall of the Medicina Clinic (Moscow). Dr. Bhumkar attended the event and answered the questions from surgeons as well as parents of children with disabilities. The surgeon told about his unique methods of the restoration of hearness. For example, he shapes the ear from the patient's rib cartilage. It's called rib cartilage graft reconstruction. Such transplantations provide a maximum integrity between the prosthesis and the body.

We've already written how to prepare for the surgery of the ear canal (Rus.). If you have any question regarding the operation or consultation with Dr. Bhumkar, fell free to call us or write e-mail.

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