Professor Roberto Puxeddu Held Consultations in Moscow


A female patient from the city of Tula was among the latter and had undergone a number of complex surgeries. The problem with her case was that different doctors would manage it differently, with no one ever properly getting to the bottom of her medical history, according to the patient. The consultation with Professor Puxeddu was more of an investigation, with the experts seeking both to decide on further treatment and make sense of the disease history all the way from the inception and through the errors made. The point of the professionals’ efforts was to get to the real source of the problem in order to make things clear for the patient. Once Professor Puxeddu figured out what the whole treatment process had been about, he could reassure the lady.
The ENT surgeon and the Russian doctor assistant Natalia Chuchueva compared the medical reports with the findings from the check-up done during the session. This signposted Professor Puxeddu to a preferable treatment strategy, with a series of surgeries on the patient to follow soon.

IMPEX CEO ( Impex, LLC) Vitali Khiznichenko made the following comment in the wake of this case: “I see constant evidence of how the doctors we speak for can work out a solution in most difficult cases. Getting help from these professionals is often, and literally, patients’ last hope for recovery. Why do such emergencies arise? There exists a variety of treatments for the same conditions. The challenge is to figure out which of the treatment techniques ensure the highest recovery rate. That is why our company’s mission is to have Russian professionals exposed to the international state-of-the-art expertise through masterclasses and conferences”.

IMPEX is Professor Puxeddu’s official representative in Russia and the CIS. The company has been regularly holding conferences, consultations and masterclasses attended by the Italian surgeon in Russia and Kazakhstan since 2017. Successful surgeries for laryngeal and tracheal disorders have been performed on more than 30 patients over the time passed.