Otolaryngologist Roberto Puxeddu will help 15 patients with rare patologies


Impex Life with social fund “Dobrovolnoe Obshchestvo Miloserdie” and otolaryngologist Roberto Puxeddu* organise big medical event. From 15th to 18th february professor Roberto Puxeddu will provide a number of open surgical master-classes in University hospital “Aksaj”. During this event 15 patients (including kids) with difficult and rare laryngoscopic pathologies  will be operated.

It’s important to notice that all operations will be translated by the internet. So specialists all over Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries can look through innovative methods of treatment, despite of COVID lockdowns. Video recordings will be published on Impex Life website.

In the course of scientific-practical part there will be considered such difficult clinical cases like cicatricial stenosis; recrudescent laryngeal papillomatosis (children and adults); reconstruction of anterior wall of cervical trachea with autologous costal cartilage.

Moreover, patients with laryngoscopic pathologies and laryngopathy will have a possibility to get free consultations from specialists due to Impex Life sponsorship. 

*Professor, Chairman of the Department of Surgery Division of Otorhinolaryngology University of Cagliari, School of Medicine, Member of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons Roberto Puxxeddu, MD, FRCS