November, 9 – Knowledge day about Microtia



The word itself comes from the Latin term and means “small ears”. One in 8,000 babies is born with this congenital defect, just a deformity of the outer ear; it can be unilateral or bilateral. In most cases, children who have revealed microtia have a functioning inner ear, but due to the external and middle ear damages, they generally suffer from conductive hearing loss. Unfortunately, an ordinary hearing aid cannot be a solution for children with this defect. For this very reason the Baha system is recommended for children with this diagnosis, its attachment does not depend on the outer ear, it allows it to send sound directly into the inner ear, by passing the organs that have been damaged.

Knowledge day

For the first time, knowledge day about this defect was held in 2016 by The Ear Community Organization. The initiative came from the Tamblin family, who faced with this problem, and in 2010 Melissa Tamblin became the founder of the Ear Community. Her daughter was born with microtia and Melissa felt what difficulties parents may face with even at the stage of searching information. Since the formation of the company Ear Community has put in a lot of effort, over 6500 people from all over the world gathered at the organized events to exchange experience in the solution of this problem. The community, created by Melissa, consists not only of affected children and their families, but also of volunteers, teachers and medical staff who provide support to children with disabilities, spread information all around the world. Each member of the community experienced the difficulties associated with this defect, the problem was either theirs personally or their relatives, so they, like no others, realize the importance of children’s support.

In October, knowledge day about microtia was officially fixed in the calendar of national days. It is not by coincidence November 9 was chosen this day as even number 9 has the shape of an ear. Mark this day in your calendar and provide support to kids suffering from this defect.