Kazakhstan Hosted the Second Masterclass «A Modern Approach to Surgical Treatment of Laryngeal Pathology»


Roberto Puxeddu is an Italian surgeon, leading international expert in otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery, and a professor at University of Cagliari, Italy. He was invited to Kazakhstan to run the masterclass “A Modern Approach to Surgical Treatment of Laryngeal Pathology” under the Impex Life project carried out by OOO IMPEX ( Impex, LLC) with support from the public foundation OF Dobrovolnoye Obschestvo Miloserdiye.

Roberto Puxeddu’s masterclass presents a unique opportunity to doctors from across the world to learn from his expertise in the treatment of laryngeal pathology through the use of a unique European technique. Roberto Puxeddu’s surgeries and presentations were live broadcast to the lecture hall, with ENT doctors from Uzbekistan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan in attendance.

Surgeries like these are very rare in Kazakhstan and Russia due to their complexity. Patients have to reach out to clinics abroad and can wait years to get state funding for the treatment. Thanks to a joint effort from the Impex Life project sponsors, surgeries were performed on thirteen children from socially disadvantaged groups as well as on three adults who were on a waiting list for state funding to get medical assistance in foreign clinics.
In addition to the surgeries performed at the Aksay Clinic, Roberto Puxeddu held thirty consultation sessions for patients with laryngeal pathology, with both the surgeries and sessions provided to the patients free of charge.

In the run-up to Christmas and New Year celebrations, the project sponsors offered their seasons greetings to the Aksay Clinic’s ENT staff and gave stuffed toys and candies to thirty little patients as Christmas gifts.

About the event sponsors:
OOO IMPEX ( Impex, LLC), as represented by its CEO Vitali Vladimirovich Khiznichenko, is running a project Impex Life to give medical consultations and assistance to children with laryngeal conditions across Russia and in Kazakhstan. All events under this program are held at the best medical facilities with cutting-edge medical equipment. The consultations are given under the guidance of Professor Roberto Puxeddu. The Doctor is aided by qualified medical professionals from Russia and Kazakhstan.