Kazakhstan Hosted the Masterclass “A Modern Approach to Surgical Treatment of Laryngeal Pathology”

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University’s Aksay Clinic in Kazakhstan hosted the masterclass “A Modern Approach to Surgical Treatment of Laryngeal Pathology” on 4 and 5 September 2019.

Over one hundred leading experts in otolaryngology from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan came together to hear from the Italian surgeon on the treatment of head and neck conditions.

The masterclass saw seven unique reconstructive plastic surgeries performed on larynx and trachea, operations like these have never been done in Kazakhstan before. When faced with such conditions, Kazakhstan people would travel to Israel, Germany or Korea for treatment.

As the European professional kept at his extremely difficult work being done with utmost precision, leading surgeons from Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan were looking on. The celebrated surgeon had children with very severe throat pathology on his operation table. All surgeries were a success.

A little girl from Atyrau with papillomatosis was the first to get operated on. Even when repeatedly removed, papillomatosis will keep growing and block the airway. Roberto Puxeddu carried out a most exquisite surgery under a microscope using a modern CO2 laser.

A five-year-old boy with a giant right sided laryngeal malformation was the second of the children operated on. For two years the child was having problems breathing, eating and drinking. During the surgery the tumour was completely removed with a laser through an endolaryngeal excision, yet without tracheostomy or otherwise going in from the anterior aspect of the neck. All indications look good. The professor made absolutely no incisions as he was removing the cyst layer by layer with the laser.
Earlier on, the child had undergone surgeries in Korea and Russia.

The third child operated on was a two-year-old and the most complicated of the cases. At three months he choked on a bean, which led to airway obstruction and shortness of breath. The child underwent a surgery in Taldykorgan, with tracheostomy performed as part of an emergency procedure. This resulted in scarification stenosis, which left the trachea almost completely blocked and the child unable to breath on his own. In a three-hour surgery Professor Puxeddu removed the stenosis, took rib cartilage in a one-stage process and transplanted the new tissue into the trachea in place of the removed stenosis. A T-shaped tube was applied, set to be completely removed in three months so that the child can gain a new healthy life.

“This is a very complicated case. Yet the surgery has gone well. The boy is going to stay under observation till the end of next week and then be released. We hope for his rapid recovery and that no more surgery will be needed. I have seven more patients with a variety of conditions waiting for me in Almaty.”

The fourth surgery case was a seventeen-year-old girl from Kyzylorda suffering from laryngeal papillomatosis since when she was two. She underwent fifteen surgical operations in her life, which ultimately led to the complication of scarification of laryngeal stenosis. Roberto Puxeddu used the latest technology to completely excise the stenosis with a laser and carry out bilateral closure of the mucosa in order to avoid new cicatricial stenoses.

About the event sponsors:
OOO IMPEX ( Impex, LLC), as represented by its CEO Vitali Vladimirovich Khiznichenko, is running a project Impex Life to give medical consultations and assistance to children with laryngeal conditions across Russia and in Kazakhstan. All events under this program are held at the best medical facilities with cutting-edge medical equipment. The consultations are given under the guidance of Professor Roberto Puxeddu. The Doctor is aided by qualified medical professionals from Russia and Kazakhstan.