The 1st of November 2018. Conference “Hearing and Ear” was held in Roitberg Clinic (Moscow, Russia)


Elimination of atresia with simultaneous ear plastic.

The main speaker was ENT doctor Ashesh Bhumkar who is well-known all over the world. During his speech, he introduced a new technology – a hearing improving surgery that eliminates the atresia of the auditory canal with simultaneous ear plastic from the rib cartilage.
“Each case is unique and, no doubt, the most important thing is the restoration of hearing. I have been performing such surgeries for a long time, because I believe that the use of own cartilage material gives the best result and survival. None of synthetic materials are able to give a real feeling, temperature sensitivity and will not grow and age with the body. Besides, implants are produced only in standard forms, which can cause disharmony in appearance, in contrast to the ear auricle which is modeled individually using the patient’s own cartilage»,- noted Dr. Ashesh Bhumkar.

Method you need to know about.

Since the technologies which help to cope with this handicap are almost unknown, the conference itself, the topics which were discussed caught a great interest of parents and children from different regions of Russia and Belorussia. Families and experts from Russia and Belorussia had a lively discussion and asked a lot of questions. The distinguishing characteristic of this method is that it allows to restore the way in which the sound reaches the middle and inner ear. Reconstructing the bones of the middle ear if they are absent or inability to perform the necessary functions properly with the plastic surgery of the outer ear. It is worth saying that all interventions occur within a single operation.

We do believe in the success of treatment.

President of JSC “Meditcina”, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Grigory Yefimovich Roitberg, commented on the conference itself and its main goals: “Our clinic often became a pioneer in the application of new technologies in various medical areas. We have carefully studied Dr. Ashesh Bhumkar’s work, the technology of his surgeries and decided that people should be aware of this method. We always try to provide the patient with lots of information about possible methods of treatment of his disease and choose the most effective one together. It is of first importance that the patient himself believes in the successful result of the treatment“.

Individual consultations.

In addition, families got individual consultations, where each parent was able to ask questions and get the necessary information. Professor Ashesh Bhumkar and ENT doctor of the clinic of JSC “Meditcina” Ivan Nesterov answered the questions.

Thanks to the organizers of the conference “Impex” LLC (the Impex project Life) and the clinic JSC “Meditcina” (clinic of academician Roitberg) with the support of the Public Association “Microtia and atresia” families were able to receive the answers to the most important questions.

About the organizers:

The company Impex, represented by CEO Khiznichenko Vitalii Vladimirovich, is carrying out a project Impex Life. Thanks to this project children who suffer from this defect are able to get organized consultations and assistance throughout Russia. All events within the framework of this project are held in the best Moscow clinics with the advanced equipment at hand. Consultations are carried out under the supervision of Professor Ashesh Bhumkar (India). The doctor is assisted by experienced doctors from India and Russia. The aim of the project is to return binaural hearing to the child at the earliest possible age.

Multidisciplinary medical center “Meditcina” (clinic of academician Roitberg) was opened in 1990. The institution consists of two buildings with a total area of 35 thousand square meters. The center includes a polyclinic, a hospital and an ambulance, which is available 24 hours. In addition, the clinic has a cancer center Sofia, with the most modern equipment. More than 300 doctors of 67 specialties help patients every day. JSC “Meditcina” is the first clinic in Russia that was accredited by the international JCI standards. What is more, the center is recognized as the best private clinic in Moscow by the jury of the Moscow festival in the field of health care “Formula of life-2012”. The clinic is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001: 200; it is the winner of the European quality competition EFQM Awards 2012 and the winner of the Russian Federation Government Award in the field of quality.