About the situation on the international market of medical equipment


In December 2019 the outbreak of a new virus COVID-19 was reported in Wuhan, China. Just in 1,5 months this virus has spread all over the world. More than 2 million people as it stands today are infected with this virus. Complicated epidemiological situation in the USA, Europe, China, Russia and other countries has coincided with the changes of global oil prices and economic recession. Besides, it has led to the borders closure between countries, to the irregularities of supply chains, to the cancellation of all public events and to the complete lockdown. On the back of this pandemic situation many countries have faced with a challenge of providing the citizens, medical stuff in hospitals with personal protective equipment, antiseptics and medical equipment.

A sharply increased demand in medical face masks, antiseptics, medical equipment for ward facilities of coronavirus patients has led to the growth of factoring companies and individuals which speculate in current situation. The cost of goods differ, the number of people who take part in the negotiations deal increases, consequently, the terms of delivery are delayed. Not all companies on the market can guarantee the absolute safety of product and its quality due to the new trade organizations which are mostly interested in fast earnings on the resale of scarce goods.

Failures in the supply of personal protective equipment and medical one are also connected with the tense political situation – there are cases of interceptions of land and air cargos with the health products. The shortage of cargo planes and the reduction of international flights increase the delivery time and the cost of goods, as many airlines raise prices for transportation.

Impex company works directly with the supplier factories. Our representatives control the supply chain of medical equipment at all stages: from shipment at the factory to the delivery to medical institutions all over the world. We guarantee the conformity of goods to the international quality certificates and its safety, as we have our own direct contracts with airlines and transport companies. We monitor all stages of logistics, and ensure sanitary standards of transportation, which is of utmost importance in the context of a pandemic.

Many years of successful experience in international trade and presence of our offices in the UK, UAE, Russia, France enable us to deliver the goods in full safety even in terms of political and economic instability. We appreciate a reliable business partnership. Moreover, we are confident that in cooperation with each other we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.