Impex Life with social fund “Dobrovolnoe Obshchestvo Miloserdie” and otolaryngologist Roberto Puxeddu* organise big medical event.


La vacuna contra el coronavirus COVID-19 se registró por primera vez en Rusia, el 11 de agosto de 2020. Por el momento la vacuna está destinada a uso interno, los ensayos clínicos están en curso y se planea producir la vacuna en conjunto con países extranjeros. La certificación internacional de este fármaco está prevista en un futuro próximo.


Join us for the Live 4-part Transoral Laser Microsurgery Webinar Series in July with Prof Roberto Puxeddu. For both Beginner and Advanced level Surgeons


A charity concert “Give a smile” with the participation of Russian pop stars and the patients of the center is held in SPC (Scientific and Practical Center of Specialized Health Care for Children named after V.F. Voino-Yasenetskiy in Moscow. The concert is dedicated to the World Voice Day


Welcome to the online meeting with the leading American ENT surgeon James Thomas, dedicated to the feminizing laryngoplasty.


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is much concern about providing medical supplies. There are known cases of interception of cargo with medical supplies. Impex company works directly with supplier factories, has direct contracts with airlines and transport companies, and our representatives control the supply chain of medical equipment at all stages.