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Surgery for Life

Justifying expectations
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Treatment by leading foreign specialists in Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE

Impex Life is the official representative of the world’s best surgeons. Our project started in 2016 in Russia. In cooperation with the charitable organization Rusfond we started to support Russian neurosurgeons. In 2017−2018 we provided 34 surgeries in Moscow and in Astana. The first part of patients got treatment of ENT diseases such as stenosis of the larynx, papillomatosis of the larynx, atresia, microtia, etc. The second part got complex maxillofacial surgeries.

Nowadays we are organizing treatment in Moscow, Almaty, Dubai (UAE).

Why do people trust us?

The treatment procedure offered by our company has unique advantages:
  1. Consultation of the world's best surgeons
  2. Application of modern diagnostic methods in treatment planning
  3. Performing complex surgeries without going abroad
  4. Postoperative support by a doctor who knows all the treatment detail
Since all aspects of treatment are important, Impex Life specialists pay special attention to the choice of medical centers. Surgeries are performed in clinics that meet the highest international standards.

Impex Life specialists have developed the complex approach which allows to reduce risks during and after surgery, as well as to make the rehabilitation period more comfortable and effective.

Treatment distinctions in Impex Life

The work of our company differs fundamentally from the functioning of a standard medical institution. We have created a client-oriented service that simplifies the procedure of interaction between patients — doctors and the clinic administration.
The main innovation of Impex Life is individual support. According to our methodology, the work of an assistant surgeon is not limited to the walls of the surgery room. He is with the patient from the very beginning. He conducts initial consultation, participates in diagnosing, assists the chief surgeon in the surgery room, participates in postoperative treatment and monitors patients after discharge. In fact, Impex Life provides a personal doctor-curator, who is involved in all medical processes of the patient. Doctors-curators work in medical centers on permanent basis.

The effective methodology of Impex Life consists of several stages:

After the patient encounter, the initial consultation is carried out within the shortest time period.
The surgeon is immediately provided with the results of the patient’s examination, on its basis he makes a decision on the tactics of treatment.
Impex Life specialists agree on the date of the surgery, the period of stay in the hospital.
After the surgery, the patient stays in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor who is directly involved in all stages of examination and treatment.
After discharge, required consultations are carried out during the observation period and rehabilitation. The doctor, who provides these consultations, sends all the information to the surgeon and receives recommendations on the further management of the patient.

Highly qualified professionals help you

To enlist the support of a famous foreign surgeon, we do not just sign a contract. We build friendly relations in the truest sense of the word. We study features of the culture of the doctor’s homeland. Then our specialists choose an assistant very carefully and provide all the conditions for a good personal and professional relationship between two doctors. Special attention is paid to professional skills and knowledge of languages.
Роберто Пужеду (Roberto Puxeddu)
Roberto Puxeddu

ENT surgeon, Professor, Chairman, Division of Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Surgery, University of Cagliary (Italy).
More than 7,000 operations for head and neck diseases have been performed in clinics in Italy and England since 1991.

Areas of specialization: neck surgeries, larynx surgery, sinonasal surgeries, intraoral, nasal pharynx and oral pharynx surgeries.
Наталия Чучуева
Natalia Chuchueva
Assistant of Roberto Puxeddu in Russia
MD, Assistant of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, ENT doctor in Medical Rehabilitation Center "Barviha" Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. She interned in the clinic of Roberto Puxeddu during the whole year.

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Ашеш Бхумкар
Ashesh Bhumkar

ENT surgeon, Professor, honorary surgeon of the University in Mumbai.
Ashesh Bhumkar performs surgeries on ears in India and UAE. He manages his own clinic Bhumkar ENT Hospital (Thana, India). Ashesh Bhumkar has performed more then 10 000 surgeries for more than 30 years of experience.

Areas of specialization: microtia and atresia treatment, reconstructive surgery.
Иван Нестеров ​
Ivan Nesterov
Assistant of Ashesh Bhumkar in Russia
ENT doctor of first division in Clinique JSC "Medicina". He is a co-author of three patents in the field of otolaryngology, including a foreign one.

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Treatment in ideal conditions
We offer clinics with the impeccable reputation

Intensive treatment is carried out on the basis of a private clinic of JSC "Medicina" in Moscow. The institution with a 30-year history is one of two in Russia, which received accreditation by JCI (Joint Commission International). It means that everything — from the most complex surgeries to the communication of nurses with relatives of the patient meets the standards of private clinics in the United States.

What distinguishes Impex Life from the treatment abroad?

The key advantage of our approach is continuous patient’s support before and after the surgery.

Impex Life simplifies the process to prepare for the treatment in Moscow or Almaty:

  1. conclusion of a profitable contract with a medical institution;
  2. the possibility of receiving a loan for treatment;
  3. no language barrier;
  4. constant support from the family, which is not always possible in the treatment abroad
After treatment abroad, patients may experience postoperative complications. In this case, you have to choose from two options. The main one is to go abroad for a consultation with your surgeon again. It is more reliable but very expensive. The alternative way is to contact a local specialist who is unfamiliar with the history of treatment, and it may be difficult for him to study documents in a foreign language. Impex Life postoperative support allows to avoid such incidents.

About the company Impex

Our main mission is to provide doctors with advanced technologies and with the access to modern foreign methods of treatment.

Our company’s business consists of three elements:

  • organization of conferences and workshops with leading foreign surgeons

  • supply of medical equipment

  • training doctors to work on the latest equipment
Primarily, Impex company is known as a supplier of German surgical equipment KLS Martin. After the equipment installation we train doctors to work on it. What is more, we organize educational tours for specialists to medical centers in Germany.

The launch of Impex Life project was a key step in the formation of the Impex ecosystem. Nowadays doctors have access to modern equipment and the latest knowledge in various fields of surgery. It creates the basis for an integrated modification of medical processes.

Our approach provides a long-term positive effect for a national medicine. Since the treatment is carried out to a whole new level, the risks are reduced and the rehabilitation process is speeded up. Thus, patients' trust in medicine is growing.

Vitaly Hiznicenco
Chief Executive Officer

Impex Company
Impex Life offers a new form of interaction between patients and foreign surgeons. There is no stress from the visa processing and flight, the patient is constantly in contact with the doctor-curator. In many ways, Impex Life is the most comfortable service, even in comparison with the usual treatment in local hospitals.

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