Awards and honors


Francesco Marchetti AOOI First Award for the best clinical example of surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer by endoscopic access using CO2 laser.
LXXXVIII National conference of the Italian community of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery, Genoa.


First Award Ikeda Dotai for endoscopic excision of laryngeal cancer using CO2 laser.
XII World Congress of Bronchiology (WCB), Boston, state Massachusetts, the USA.


First Clinical Award for outstanding clinical performance.
Supervisory board of Clinical hospital named after Queen Alexandra, Portsmouth, Great Britain.


Honorary consultant in otorhinolaryngology. Honorary consultant in otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery in Hospital of National Health Service, Poole, Great Britain.


Deputy head of the faculty of surgery in University of Cagliary, order № 562


Chairman of Division of Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Surgery, University of Cagliary, Italy. He passed an exam on the leadership in Health Service, obligatory for a senior position.

Cooperation in foreign institutions


Division of Head and Neck diseases in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, the USA.


Center of disease treatment of vocal apparatus, the George Washington University, Washington, District of Columbia, the USA.


Institute of neurosurgery, the George Washington University, Washington, District of Columbia, the USA.


Division of ear, larynx and nose, University of Graz, Austria.

Scientific publications

Filippo Carta, Fabrizio Bandino, Natalia Chuchueva, Gulio Addari, Roberto Puxeddu Transoral laser CO2 management of glottis carcinoma in elderly patients: experience on a series of 248 patients / Abstract book XI ELS Congress. P.71.

Filippo Carta, Fabrizio Bandino, Natalia Chuchueva, Roberto Puxeddu Transoral CO2 laser microsurgery for supraglottic carcinoma / Abstract book XI ELS Congress. P.74.

Filippo Carta, Milena Lussu, Fabrizio Bandino, Antonio Noto, Marcello Peppi, Natalia Chuchueva, Luigi Atzori, Vassilios Fanos, Roberto Puxeddu Metabolomic analysis of urine with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy in patients with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss: A preliminary study / Auris Nasus Larynx, 2017. P.4.

Carta F., Farneti P. Cantore S., Macrì G., Chuchueva N., Cuffaro L., Pasquini L., Puxeddu R. Sialendoscopy for salivary stones: principles, technical skills and therapeutic experience. / Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica, 2017. P.2.

Carta F., Chuchueva N., Gerosa C., Sionis S., Caria R.A., Puxeddu, R. Parotid tumours: clinical and oncologic outcomes after microscope-assisted parotidectomy with intraoperative nerve monitoring / Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica, 2017. P.5.

Чучуева Н.Д., Свистушкин В.М., Решетов И.В., Пужеду Р. Возможности контактной эндоскопии в определении очагов неоангиогенеза при злокачественных новообразованиях / Российская оториноларингология, 2018. С.2.

Carta F., Mattosu V., Sambiagio G., Chuchueva N., Mariani C., Gerosa C., Puxeddu R. CO2 laser transoral microsurgery for supraglottic squamous cell carcinoma / Frontiers in Oncology, 2018. P.8.

Carta F., Bandino F., Olla A.M., Chuchueva N., Gerosa C., Puxeddu R. Prognostic value of age, subglottic, and anterior commissure involvement for early glottic carcinoma treated with CO 2 laser transoral microsurgery: a retrospective, single-center cohort study of 261 patients / European Archives of Oto- Rhino-Laryngology, 2018. P.5.

Media about the work of Professor Roberto Puxeddu